The Wanted Reveal Their Man Crushes

The Wanted Reveal Their Man Crushes

Nothing is more exciting than when a guy is man enough to openly admit that he finds another dude attractive. When the guys from the Wanted spoke with the Philippines edition of Cosmopolitan magazine and made their man crushes public, we nearly spit out or coffee. Their choices are that good!

The fact that Nathan Sykes, Siva Kanewswaran, Tom Parker, Max George, and Jay McGuiness were all totally game to participate in this fun little game makes it that much more exciting. Why? Because not only does it show that they’re super secure in their manhood, but it makes them oddly more attractive, as if some sort of pheromone was released from their bodies making them suddenly irresistible.

“I don’t have a problem admitting that anyone is good looking — for example, I think Siva has the jaw structure of an angel, like it was carved by Michelangelo,” said McGuiness. “I guess some men just find it a little awkward — but I couldn’t tell you why.”

But we’ve kept your tongues wagging long enough. Below are the men the guys from the Wanted find most attractive. Some are odder than others, but who really cares, right?

Jay’s man crush: “James Cameron. He’s a brilliant director.”

Max’s man crush: “After what Jay just pointed out, I’d have to say my man crush is Siva!”

Siva’s man crush: “The Rock [Dwayne Johnson].”

Tom’s man crush: “Patrick Stewart.”

Nathan’s man crush: “David Beckham.”

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  1. i love you Nathan from The Wanted i think Nathan fro the wanted is the my crush Nathan xxxxxx

  2. lola says:


  3. Lisa Bessey says:

    Just want to let you know that I’ve been voting for you guys for the Virgin Media Awards everyday for the last few days. I hope your voting numbers go up so you can beat One Direction and I’ve tried telling people to vote for you on youtube and want to put a remind here too. Vote for The Wanted for Best Group in Virgin Media Awards!

  4. Farima Shamsi says:

    Hi Im half Philippino but at september when you guys went to the Philippines I wasnt there and I cry cuz my sis and bros are there and my other half is Persian
    Hope to see you and My crush is same as Nathan
    Love you guys most of all you Nath

  5. andrielle says:

    love you guys more of your beautiful cats kisses love you guys conhcer

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