The Wanted Naked!

The Wanted Naked.....JOKEThe Wanted are following in the steps of Inju5tice and Olly Murs by promising to pose naked if their debut album makes it to number 1!

The Wanted member Max was reported saying “Yeah, if there’s a trend we’ll join that!” then shortly afterwards “You can put that out there….. oh no, we’re going to have to do it now aren’t we? We’ll do that for you.” A promise is a promise boys..

Has this persuaded you to get a copy of The Wanted’s debut album? Let us know!

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Hello I am Kelly 22 from London. I am a full-time blogger of the stars, a raving fan of The Wanted and a dedicated TWFanmily member. I love the boys like no other band on earth. Be sure to connect with me on Twitter @The_Wanted_Fans


  1. pummy says:

    love you all. :)

  2. nathansnumberonefan says:

    hell yeah. i love them :3

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