Max George

Max George of The WantedAge: 24
Date Of Birth: 06/09/1988
Hometown: Manchester
Star Sign: Virgo
Favourite Food: Dominos, full english, steak (as rare as it can be!)
Height: 5’8″
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Favourite Band: Queen
Football Team: Man City
Favourite Animal: Great White Shark
Favourite TV Show as a kid: The Turtles
Recent TV Show: X Factor
Favourite Trainers: Nike
Status: Recently spotted snogging Vanessa White from The Saturdays
Dream Woman: Sinitta
Random Fact: Used to be on Man City’s books

Likes & Dislikes

  • I like it when… I’m at the local pub with my family and mates.
  • I love it when… City beat United.
  • If I could rule… the world for a day it would be free beer for everyone.
  • If it was the end… of the week I’d be leathered!!
  • If my name was… Englebert people would laugh.
  • If I was a girl… I’d date everyone in my band… and Robert.
  • If I could have… a spare 2grand I’d buy my nan and grandad a new lawn for the garden.
  • I hate it when… I come into contact with dry sponge.


  1. jayla says:

    Hi max happy late b-day love u.
    P.S. My b-day was the 2 of September

  2. millie bell says:

    hey max I total love u but my mum hates u which is a bit harsh for her age anyway so im saying happy birthday form Friday which I missed =( but It doesn’t matter p.s plz say hi to the other love u xxxxxx

  3. maryam says:

    you r perfect………..max

  4. Barbiegirl6 says:

    I can’t stop staring at his eyes. So handsome…

  5. Barbiegirl6 says:

    Maxxxxxxxx, u so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jayla mckiver says:

    P.S: say hi to jay for me please

  7. jayla mckiver says:

    Hi my name is “Jayla”, i really wanted my name to be “Stevie” but i got ended up w/ “Jayla” so anyway I don’t have any friends so i was just wondering if i could be a special V.I.P for every competition u guys have. I’ll do anything but i just really want to get to know jay (because he’s my favorite out of all of you) so i hope that you replytom to my requests; pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease I’m begging you and i also watch your show to so give me a call when you finally read this bye ;-) P.S :

  8. hi maxiloveyoursing andyourlook rgreat hun and iwantogoto a concort of yours and iwas born june231989

  9. zahra says:

    you are best!

  10. Latrika says:

    I Love You Max George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  11. I saw you in the picture of you in the best beach bodies magazine. You keep in pretty good shape for your age. I workout with free weights every day ant take six star nutrition products and body fortress products to put on more muscle mass. You would look great in a speedo. Would you like like to be my friend on facebook. yes or no. I think you should a male model and be on the next dancing with the stars.

  12. Melissa says:

    I Love u nathan

  13. daniella says:

    i actually love max so mad; got everything of the wanted and max :p
    he’s so sexy?.?

  14. Molineux says:

    How come you were snogging vanesa white when myet jay loves her instead

  15. kirsty barraclough i am 13 tenn says:

    hi i am kirsty barraclough i am 13teen i love the wanted go the wanted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love max and all of use

  16. Kayla says:

    i fell in love with you today!!! you guys are so sweet. i love my picture on the tour bus!
    ps someone was holding my butt haha its okay though love ya still

  17. Bebba says:

    Maxxxxxxx i love you <3

  18. Cheyenne simmons says:

    Max how are you doing?

  19. Cheyenne simmons says:

    Hey Max my name is Cheyenne and I am 17 teen I kissed the old 16 teen and welcomed 17 teen yahoo!
    Can you please send me a 17th birthday message for me ?? :) :) you rock Max
    PARTY TIME!!!! From your fan

  20. Setare says:

    What’s his full name?

  21. Nickitissage says:

    i love u the wanted

  22. Nickitissage says:

    i want to know if there was of the group the wanted

  23. makayla says:

    Hey Max tell Nathan I luv him so much

  24. Katy says:


  25. tatiana says:

    my favorite , he is so hot ! LOVE YOUUUUU

  26. Argol says:

    i hate u u are ugly with no hair but i love your band but u were great at gold for ever

  27. megan says:

    i love u guys but i also love james arthur (ur better ) u should sooo do a song with him, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. megan says:

    i love u guys but i also love james arthur (ur better ) u should sooo do a song with him, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. frida says:

    I LOVE u

  30. frida says:

    I LOVE YOU MAX everyday i cryyyy for you you are my life and also the wanted cause all of youare beuatiful and perfect, you are my life

  31. Mikala says:

    Lol,you guys rock, and especially you guys are sexy as hell,keep up the good work and megan im the MOST WANTED FAN YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SAY WHAT YOU ARE IM NOT GONNA LET YOU SAY THAT!!!!

  32. braa 7lw says:

    i love you max you are my boyfriend every day i look at my poster and i kiss from you lips i wish that i can met you and kiss you really from your lips !!
    max you are mine!!

  33. cheryl lloyd says:

    I luv max sooooo much! every day i look at my posters and kiss him on the lips! i wish i could meet him and actually kiss him on the cheeks! He is my max ! mine!mine!mine!
    The wanted have inspired me to sing because of tehir personalities and the way they are!

  34. cheryl lloyd says:

    Do they even go on this website?

  35. ella sieger says:

    I love the wanted and my favroite is Max George


  36. Rosilyn says:

    dear Max
    dont ever grow your hair out.if u do plz shave it.u would look terrible with long hair or even any hair.(no offense)
    sincerly,not a stalker :-) i <3 u…

  37. Tessa says:

    I love you Guys!!! you all should come to Kentucky!

  38. Eleonora Todorova says:

    I love you Max <3

  39. have a good christmas max alberto george x x x x x x :)

  40. i <3 u max

  41. Raylene Altman says:

    I love the wanted and big fan max much grous young man and his voice beautiful.i hope you tour Australia as I’d love go your concert got told you guy’s said something about coming out here would like buy you guy’s all small gift as you all touch my heart thank you.My favourite song gold forever but as love chasing the sun,lighting,I found you so looking forward too your new album once again love you guy’s xoxo TW forever xoxo if anyone want be my friend add me

  42. cheryl lloyd says:

    OMG!! they are really buff and handsome!! NEED TO MEET THEM!!! i’m soOBSSESED WITH THEM!!

  43. looze my mind
    Lie to Me
    Last to Know
    Heart Vacancy
    Say It on the Radio
    I Want It All
    I’ll Be Your Strength
    Glad You Came
    All Time Low
    Gold Forever
    Every tear drop is a waterfall
    Viva la vida
    Fix you

  44. wow im your number one fan i love max soo much xx

  45. Kaitlyn says:

    His favorite animal is the Great White Shark….i love him even more now!!!!!!!!! <3

  46. megan says:

    im ur biggest fan love yas allll carnt wsait to see u in the echo arena and i have back stage paassers xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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